Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mothers Day

Mothers Day has come and gone but in our house we are still celebrating. Several times a day Mai will announce "It's Mothers Day, it's your special day!" Then she runs over and gives me a pop your head off hug and says, "you're the best." I love it!

We spent Mothers Day in Illinois and this was the best we could do for a picture with Mom. . .
We had a great week and as always it went too fast. Mai made it there just in the nick of time to help Grandpa plant sweet corn. (Now she is wanting to go back to check on her corn). We got to go see the Backyardagins Live which was super fun, and we got our hair cut (not everyone gets to go all the way to Illinois to have their hair done). Those are just a few of our highlights! We didn't get a great taste of the Midwest spring weather it was flat out cold but it was a great visit none the less. Sadly I've become quite the slacker with pictures. It isn't nearly as fun when the subjects are so hard to catch. Hopefully blogging will inspire me to do better.

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Tracy said...

i am so excited. you are finally with the 'in crowd'!! i am glad that ya'll are back from illinois. you were gone too long!! :)