Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's not Lake Charleviox...

Lake Grapevine has nothing on Lake Charlevoix as you can see by the brown water - But it included boating, family, and fun!
After a fun weekend of friends, crawfish, and just some good 'ol hanging out we finished our weekend off Monday with a trip to "Grandpa's boat".
I don't know, do you think this tube is going to be big enough?
Mai was ready from the start. Saftey first right Mai?

Ava was more cautious.
She found a safe place.

The girls practiced their driving skills.
Mai took it very seriously, Ava needs to grow into her job.
We also celebrated Galen's birthday which is this week. Cupcakes on the boat and a great dinner afterwards. Heidi made yummy cupcakes for us. Little Miss let's pretend that it's a birthday everyday and is always blowing out pretend candles Mai was very disturbed that there weren't real candles. I'll be sure to have some on his actually Birthday!

We hope your weekend was equally fun!

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Mrs. Fields said...

Oh, how fun for everybody! Makes me excited to take the kids "home" to MN this summer... lakes! Great pics. Your girls are adorable! Our Memorial Day was crazy... I tried to make it meaningful and ended up tresspassing, off-roading and stranded in our mini-van (near a naitonal cemetery). Don't ask! So much for life lessons that day! It was good... we ended up just meeting Daddy at the mall. Glad yours was great!