Thursday, May 15, 2008

Let the Blogging Begin

I've been wanting to give blogging a try - all the cool kids are doing it right? With some encouragement from a few of those "cool kids" here is the beginning of my blog. From what I've seen I have a lot to learn. Hopefully I can add some creative flair to this as I go.
I love reading blogs, I love the glimpse into peoples lives, the stories, the pictures, the love, the faith, the creativity and simply how life is being documented. All these same things are a little intimidating. . . My world is full of crazy and sometimes it just has to be shared. The things that come out of the mouths of these little Z's needs documented. If for no one else then me. So read along, and I hope you'll enjoy the glimpse into life in the eye of the storm. This is my journey of life, "Liberty" and the hot pursuit of my children.

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