Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Do you know who your daughter is dating?

I don't.
I should, she is only 3 after all. . .
I went to dinner Friday night with a friend and Mai quickly made friends with the boy sitting near us. Before we knew it she was helping him get more chips from the bar. They never came back. They sat at the bar chatting, drinking sprite, eating chips, and coloring for the rest of the night.
After he left she stayed right where she was and chatted away with the bar tender. Maybe a little too comfortable? We'll worry about that later. . .

It did leave me to enjoy a very fun dinner. Ava kept busy as she was quite smitten with her date Gage, don't worry we know him! I agree Ava, he sure is cute!

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johnnamarie96 said...

That was so cute! Let's hit up Ernesto's again soon!