Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The good and the bad

We show it at any given point with no warning ...
The good - Ava's got her first haircut!

While we were in Illinois we went to see Ellen to get the girls hair cut. Ava went first (because Mai said so - I thought she should go first to show Ava how it's done. Nope. I should have known I was in trouble right then). So Ava got her first haircut complete with a wash and she did great.

Isn't she cute? We just had her hair trimmed but it looks good.
I do think she was a little nervous though she had this funny tongue thing going on the whole time.

As easy as that was next came Mai.
The bad (this time) -
Remember this?

She's 4 now so it was a different version and Ellen isn't scary but today was still as messy. She has had her hair cut since the car and by Ellen and she's loved it but today was a different story.
She was not going to get her hair cut, she was not going to wear the cape, she wasn't sitting in that chair she just wanted to keep her own hair she said. I had flashes of past Mai moments so after I tried all of the tricks I could think of to make her think it was a good idea it was time to go outside and discuss it further. It was really cold outside though so after some "talking" we went back in to the bathroom. In Mai fashion she found a penny on the ground in the bathroom and suddenly she was going to get her haircut because she had money to pay for it - we had to wait our turn since we had missed it but she was willing. Our turn came and the chair became exciting the cape was still not happening, (don't ask I have no idea). No hair wash. No hair clips. Poor Ellen tried to clip up her hair and it sent Mai right back out of the chair... okay, no clips. I held her hair up (I really wanted her hair cut and no way she was going to win - but I was willing to compromise). We didn't get a "cut" but we got a trim. Here's the nut.

Thanks Ellen for putting up with us. Aren't you glad we live in Texas :).

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em said...

I'm glad you live in Texas but only because the weather sucks in Illinois. I always enjoy seeing your family--they add a little (sometimes a lot) of spice to my day!