Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flip Flop Fun!

Ava is our shoe girl so a flip flop party seemed fitting to celebrate her second birthday. It wasn't easy finding "theme related" items the end of August so we threw in some beach accents (also fitting since we visited so many this summer). It turned out to be the perfect mix.

We had such a fun day with family and friends. We even were lucky enough to get a few clouds to help with the surface of the sun feeling Texas has right now. Those of us not in the pool sure appreciated some relief!
The cutest sandcastle cake I've ever seen! Straight from Illinois. Why not have your cakes driven in from 13 hours away? Grandma and Grandpa Z and Aunt Lesley are truly the best and have helped make both Mai and Ava's birthdays amazing.
Our "sandy" cupcakes. And some of the cute cookies Grandma Z made.
Party favors and presents. What fun!
Yes, it was a pool party -those Zimmerman girls are trouble. Next year maybe we should have a shower party?

We had BBQ chicken, salads, fruit, and some hot dogs and chips for the kids. All served out of sand pails.
What''s a party without snow cones? Uncle Chris helping make sure Ava got just what she wanted.
Birthday treats and birthday kisses!
I love Ava's happy face in this video. She is so excited to be the birthday girl!

I know it's a little blurry but I this picture shows how much fun Ava was having. She was SO excited about her new purses, jewels and fancy shoes. She was hilarious trying to open the rest of her presents and keep her two purses on her arms. She wasn't putting them down for anything! Finally she trusted her friend Makayla enough to hold onto them so she could finish opening all of her fun presents.
Grandma and Grandpa Mailand got her her very own big girl bike. She is so excited about it and screams "my bike" every time she sees it.
Grandpa and Grandma Z and Aunt Lesley got Ava her very own Gator! She loves throwing her purses in the back and she's off. Part farm girl/part city girl.Mai has been more then happy showing Ava how to drive. We've joked with the neighbors that Ava got a gator and a driver for her birthday. They are having lots of fun cruising around the neighborhood.

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