Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Great Lakes and Great Times" just like the sign says.

The last week of our Michigan road trip we spent at my Grandma Mailands. We took some day trips to some old familiar favorites. We went to one of my very favorite places - Boyne City, MI. The girls got to swim in Lake Charlevoix and see some of the places that hold such great memories for me.
Who wouldn't want to spend time here?

Our next big stop was to find some "reindeer". Mai had been looking in the woods at Grandma's and just couldn't find any that weren't "shy". It was frustrating to her that when she got close they would scurry back into the woods. So we found some "reindeer" and elk that couldn't get away. Her face was priceless as she was talking to and petting these animals. Now if only she could figure out how to get one home. Don't think she didn't try.

This last one is my favorite! They had to have been laughing at each other.

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Tracy said...

i really miss ya'll. maybe a trip to the new king hometown is in order. not as far as michigan, that's for sure...