Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I was going to wait until the week was over for a post on VBS but I thought I would share this video clip from today. We are on our second day of "Power Lab". I wanted to take Mai's picture by the decorations. She wanted to perform. She is having a great time and maybe by Friday she'll know some more words to this song!

(I've said before this girl is not much like me and this conversation confirms it) we were driving home and I told her we were going home for dinner. Her response, "No thanks, I already ate earlier this morning. That's enough food for today."

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shuttergrace said...

this is precious -- what a darling voice Mai has -- hang on to that! She already has a flair for the theatrical - she gets that from me ;-) HeeHeeHee. My parents were crew leaders for this same VBS theme last week at their church -- so cute!