Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!
This is where I would put the great picture of Galen and the girls if I had taken one. . . I'm still going to do it when I can get some cooperation. ** In case anyone checks back I did try and get a picture of Galen and the girls. . . Not the "great one" but here they are.**

This is why I didn't get a great one. Don't try and take a donut away from a toddler and expect cooperation for a picture. As you saw we gave it back but, she was still not pleased with us.

We had a fun day with family. The crew headed this way for some fun at the pool and a cookout. It was a really pretty day and plenty hot so the pool was the best place to be. Have you noticed a theme to our summer? It seems all of our activities revolve around water - that's what happens when you live in Texas/the surface of the sun.

Towels - check, swim toys - check, life jackets - check, kids - check, camera - oops it didn't make it to the pool with me. I thought I had put my moms pictures on my computer but I can't find them so that leaves this post a little empty. I'll add those later too.
Here is a glimpse at what the day felt like to me and what Mai and her cousins managed to do to her room. It is safe to say I like to have a bit more control then this.
I know, I know, sometimes you just have to let go. . .


shuttergrace said...

I LOVE this colorful and playful messiness even though I can picture you getting a bit flustered and wondering how the room will ever look the same again -- embrace it my friend. Sometimes its really therapeutic to intentionally take a whole stack of papers or toys or crayons and just toss them on the floor and see how they land -- isn't that what life is most of the time anyway - tossing things up and seeing how and where they land? ;-)

Love it...and love you and am so proud of you for entering the blogosphere!

shuttergrace said...

p.s. love the t-shirt and boots look and can imagine the adorable little hiney hiding underneath it -- so cute!

johnnamarie96 said...

I'm laughing! I'm sure Mai had a great day! :)