Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer is blowing in . . .

It has been HOT and WINDY around here.
It's bad news when your toys start to blow away. Mai was a little concerned about this. So the Princess tried using her "super powers" to save the day.

She just couldn't fight the wind so she and Ava decided they should "take cover".

Her wind concerns didn't end there. The next day we were walking to the pool and the wind was still blowing something serious. All the trees in the neighborhood are new so a couple were coming right out of the ground from the wind. Mai and I were noticing them and with a big sigh and much drama she said, "great, now my neighborhood is going to be ruined!"

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Mrs. Fields said...

If only she was old enough to see the storms on the news recently! I love the super powers coming through.. so cute. : )