Saturday, September 11, 2010

A new idea and a 1st Haircut!

As much as I want to blog it isn't happening. The only thing I'm any good at updating is facebook. So I'm stealing an idea from a friend what if I update this and post it on facebook.
Worth a try...
Parker Pants is 15 months old. He is so fun but I'm not gonna lie a piece of me is sad. Where in the world has the last year gone? Where is my little baby? Today I lost a little more of the baby. There is cute longer hair styles and then those that aren't cute. We were getting a little to close to the wrong one. It was time to cut that crazy hair.
Here are some pictures of my sweet boy. He was a good sport. Like his sister Mai he wanted NOTHING to do with the cape. He about climbed out of his little car to get away from it - Funny since he always wants things (necklaces) around his neck. He loves his pearls :) Once that was established he let her work her magic.
And just like that he is a little boy.

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