Saturday, May 30, 2009

Calling all Cowgirls and Cowboys

Mai and Ava were invited to a party that included hayrides and animals. I have posted a lot of pictures but they had so much fun I couldn't choose.

Cowgirl Ava ready for a hayride.

And Cowgirl Mai

After the hayride and some food it was straight for the animals.
Mai made it her mission to feed everyone.

She loved the Lama. Can't say I have ever been to a party with a Lama...

She wanted to feed the really little spotted piggy but the bigger black one was getting in the way.
She named him "Bad Piggy".

After everyone was fed. She decided she needed to pick everyone up.

She did take a short break for a pony ride.

Ava LOVED the pony - which given her history with animals surprised me.
She would have ridden the pony all night but had no interest in petting or feeding the other animals. She watched from the outside of the fence and was perfectly happy.

They let the kids help "catch" the animals to put them back when it was over.

Mai likes a challenge.


They even helped carry them back to the trailer.
It was a fun party and a great night!
You know they've had fun when after their bath they are still dirty!

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