Saturday, September 27, 2008

Time for a football update.

It's a busy season and we don't see much of Galen so we sneak Daddy time any chance we get.

Galen had the girls come up to hang out with him during a freshman game. They always have fun up at the school with Daddy. Especially when it includes Gator rides. (They really were more thrilled then they look).

Friday nights have been going all right for the Redhawks. They are 2-2. Not so bad for their first year playing varsity. Hopefully they'll keep adding to the win column. We are having great fun going to the games to cheer them on.

I do try to get some good pictures at the games but so far it's been a bust. Good thing we have at least 6 more games! I WILL get some good ones... I hope.

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