Monday, September 8, 2008

Crazy or Confused?

So, tonight I was packing Mai's lunch for tomorrow and she has been disturbed that her name on her lunch box is spelled Mai - crazy I know - what was I thinking?

Getting quickly irritated she told me -"but mom that's not how you spell me" Trying to not set her off I asked her to tell me how it's spelled. She started to write it in the air (starting with A of course). I stopped her and said don't write it just say how it's spelled. Her answer was "Mai". So then looking at her lunch box I asked innocently "and what does this say"?

Her response? Shouldn't be documented. We'll just say it was ugly and lasted for a good hour and a half... After what seemed like forever we finally got her reasonably calm and to the bath- almost. She quickly fell apart again when she saw her towel hanging there with her name spelled "Mai".

She insists it's not right and I can't figure out why... Is she really confused for some reason? Is she just being Mai? Is she wanting control? Who ever thought 3 little letters could cause so much trouble. Maybe we better call her Mailand all the time.

This is from today - she wasn't even "Aim" instead "ima"

question her at your own risk...


Tracy said...

maybe she is crazy and confused. :) just the way i love her. i think she wants to come and see me. i miss you guys...and i could use a little mai excitement!! :) love ya'll...give mia, aim and mai a hug from me.

Mrs. Fields said...

Wow! Isn't it so funny when they get fixated on something like that? You could call her Ima for a day and see if she answers you! She's cute no matter how it's spelled. : )

johnnamarie96 said...

Your posts crack me up! What will she come up with next?! You should have come over tonight - I made margarita's! It so much more fun when I share them with you!