Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last night

We got to meet these people

Thanks to this. . .

While we were out for our walk Ava apparently stood up in the wagon. I didn't see her do it and when I started to go again she fell right out the back. We kept walking, I carried her and she cried for a while but then settled down. I passed her off to Galen to carry and we quickly noticed she was falling asleep. Not normal for Ava out on a walk. She started to make us nervous so we tried making her walk. Instead she puked. Mai and I ran ahead home to call the Dr. while Galen and Ava walked. She was staggering and lethargic she just couldn't keep her eyes open. We decided we couldn't wait for the Dr. to call back so we quickly loaded in the car and headed to the hospital. We made it about a mile before Galen called 911. She was a rag doll and we just couldn't keep her awake. The very nice Propser EMS and Fire crews got to us quickly and loaded us in the ambulance. There were all crowded around her and even with all the commotion she was fighting to keep those eyes open. Even though she had been up walking they took the precaution to put her on a back board burrito like thing and in a neck brace. She only cared for a couple seconds then once they finished and covered her up she just laid there staring and licking the edge of her neck brace. She was quite the sight. At the hospital they were great and quickly did her x-rays and a cat scan so they could unwrap her. Probably about 3 hours into the adventure she snapped out of it and was the wired little Ava you would expect at 11pm. They did find a small fracture in the back of her head (skull fracture... that just sounds scary). Thankfully it isn't anything that needs fixed and should heal on it's own. So, by midnight she was asleep in her carseat with a broken head and a concussion on her record- quite a night. We are so thankful that it was nothing more.

This was our last check before they let us go home.

Rough night huh Ava?

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johnnamarie96 said...

That is so scary! I am so glad she is okay. I miss you and need a margarita night soon! I'm sure you are probably up for one too!