Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ahh Vacation

What I wouldn't give to be in San Diego right now...

Our trip was great. We loved the weather, time with family, the beach, and all of the fun adventures. Here are just a few highlights from our week that went way to fast!

Sea World was excellent. The girls both loved seeing the animals. We even got to see a really fun 4-D Elmo show. We watched the Dolphin show and Shamu, Mai got to feed and pet the dolphins, we saw penguins, turtles, star fish, and flamingos... Mai was pretty excited about the these for some reason? When I think Sea World -flamingos are not the first thing that come to mind.
We were able to go see Galen's cousin Tony and his family. They live in a beautiful area. The highlight of that trip for the girls was picking oranges right out of their back yard.
Of course we LOVED and spent a great deal of time at the beach. Mai had a "to do" list that she had been talking about since at least April -
1. Sand Castles, 2. Sand Angles, 3. Be buried, 4. find sea shells, 5. surfing . . .
Ava didn't know what she was in for and it took her several days to "enjoy" the sand squishing between her toes. She wasn't so sure about that sinking feeling

Mai was building a sandcastle with Galen one afternoon and they were working the the mote. Mai came back and had some water for the "remote" we corrected her "Mai, it's called a mote". Her next trip back with water - "here is some water for mo-town." Ha! Here is a look at mo-town.
Mai and Ava loved their bike rides with Grandma and Grandpa. Ava even picked out one of these trailers in the Target ad this week and said "I want". She was probably thinking it was safer then the wagon . . .
Everyone loves fireworks. Ava was one and Mai wanted her picture taken with one?
Every vacation needs a theme. Lesley thought this crew needed some special shirts.

"We put the FUN in Dysfunctional" - it was fitting.
We had such a great time and I have sorted through a lot of great pictures from everyone to keep this a "summary". If you want to see more just let me know I have plenty on snapfish. Just think how many I could of had if my camera didn't bite the dust thanks to a wave. . .

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