Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And then there were 3!

Here is the story with quite possibly more detail then you could ever want to know.
This morning started earlier then usual. I woke up about 4:00 am and was having contractions. After waiting for a couple of hours I had decided that this was it! I wanted to be for sure since this time we were going to have to disturb the peace of lots of people. 6:30 we dropped the sleepy girls off with Lyndsey and headed to the hospital. They decided to have me walk for a bit to make sure things were going to keep progressing. After our walk they decided I was a keeper and then the fun began.
I would have never guessed that baby #3 would take longer then the first 2. Time passed so quickly I couldn't believe it when it was suddenly 4:00pm. Mai I pushed for 2 hours, Ava for 1 and this time maybe 15 min. We soon discovered why this baby took a little longer to find his way out. Dr. Trylovich at one point said "Wow it's a baldy" and as she tried to pop the chin out and help a bit she realized she wasn't seeing the back of the head but rather the forehead! Z3 was sunny side up. Without giving all the details all I have to say that this was my best labor and delivery experience yet! What a great experience. I seriously loved every bit of it - I loved my nurse, loved my Doctor, and I loved when Galen said "It's a boy". I don't know when I last have had so much fun!
At 4:06pm We Welcomed 
Parker William Zimmerman.
7lbs 19 3/4 inches.

3 weeks early but picture perfect. Except for the forehead bruises from where his had been resting on apparently something hard :).
I was instantly in Love.
Who wouldn't love this sweet face
and that lip.
Bath Time!
One happy Daddy!
Grandpa and Grandma Mailand were there waiting to meet the newest little Z and found him a new hat as soon as they heard the "It's a boy" news.
The fun continued.
After some time getting to know Baby Z3 (who had no name that day) and visiting with my parents we moved up to our post pardum room. We were starving! Tuesday night we had gone to Babes and I ate so much but 24 hours later was a long time to wait to eat.
Storms were brewing so I told Galen to go fast so he could get back. He left and next thing we new they were yelling "Code Grey" from the hallway. My mom was with me and we opened the door to see what code grey was and what was going on. We were quickly moved to the hallway and told to keep all the babies away from the windows. We no more then got out in the hallway when "Code Black" was called. They moved all of us to a back hallway. Moms and babies everywhere. It was all pretty exciting. Since I was so fresh from delivery they left us in by the elevators to give us a little more space. It was quite the ending to an already exciting day. (And yes, Galen did eventually make it back safely with food).

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