Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo how about you, you, you...
If you live in this area there was a good chance you were there too too too.

We chose the day to go the the Fort Worth Zoo that everyone else in the DFW area did - why not the weather was perfect, it was spring break and it was half price. Any of those should have been clues that it might be REALLY busy. We paid no attention.
So we joined the crowd and had some fun.

Flamingos are always a favorite for Mai. Ava's told us her favorite was the monkeys.

Here is what most of our pictures look like.
The back side of our crew. Thanks Bradley's and Carr's for including us in the fun!

Surprisingly the animals were all pretty lazy. Must have been nap time. Mai tried as hard as she could to wake up the rhino's with no luck. The giraffes were out and fun to watch.

Ava and Kiersi talking about the fun they had.
Or Kiersi wishing that Ava would let go of her neck.
Either way they're cute.
For some reason we never found the lions. But have no fear we had Mai to play the part.
I'm sure it was just as impressive...

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