Monday, November 17, 2008

Time keeps on ticking, ticking

ticking into the future.... Seriously, is it really the middle of November?!
Our jack-o-lanterns have rotted, our Tinker Bell and Sleeping Beauty have become dress up clothes, the neighbors have up Christmas lights... I'm behind.

I really really don't like being behind - it gives me that "ship is sinking" feeling...

As much as I don't like it I've had a hard time getting caught up. This blog is long overdue for an update. So much has been happening around here. Pumpkin patches, Halloween, football, a weekend in Houston and plenty of visitors (which we love). All that fun that I haven't shared.

To make things a little harder - I got a nice new camera for my birthday and for some reason the pictures are trapped on it - I'm not sure if it's me or my computer (which hasn't been behaving) but they are stuck and that makes catching up tricky.

But this is a start - we've un-buried our heads and I've at least decided to start bailing water...

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Tracy said...

it seems that i have been using our coined phrase (ship sinking) quite a bit too lately~~it must be that we are just missing each other and needing a shopping date together!! what kind of camera did you get?? miss ya'll~~