Thursday, October 2, 2008

Parenting little Z's...

As a parent there really are a lot of things you worry about for your kids. There is one however that Galen and I can check off of our list of worries.

NO ONE will ever push our kids around. They might try but our girls both will defend themselves and what they want or have at all costs. The part we will have to try and mold is exactly how they stand their ground... The toddler version makes my cringe.

In case you don't believe me - this is Ava's newest friend.

After going home yesterday with a scratched up nose (her 2nd injury with Ava involved in a week). She showed up today (to the preschool/daycare that I'm helping a friend with) with this -

Yep, that's right - a big red bat.

In she walked with her scratched up nose carrying a bat. Her dad saying, "this is to protect her from Ava".

It was really pretty funny. I think...
In Ava's defense they truly are just both going after the same things.
Ava's daddy's response to the whole thing - "at least she's winning".

Hmm, I wonder which one of us they got this trait from?

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johnnamarie96 said...

I will admit she has taken a few nice swings at Gage! She's tough and we love her! :)